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October 24, 2012 by Stephanie C.

Hey there, Fansies! I have a question to ask all of you…Have you ever turned songs that you like into parodies about other things that you like? My little sisters took lots of songs and made it so they were about Harry Potter. It got me thinking that it would be cool to do for Newsies…clearly my lyrics have nothing on Jack Feldman’s, but maybe other Fansies have tried this out too! Comment below with yours! I know other Fansies Alliance folks would love to see what we’ve got!

Here’s one of my songs…It’s to the tune of “You Can Fly, You Can Fly, You Can Fly” from Peter Pan.

Think of the children workers
All the struggles they got
Think of injuries, think of pain
Think of all those who could gain
Happiness and rights
You must strike, you must strike,
You must strike!
Soon you can change the whole wide world,
Gaining lots of children’s rights
But we got to be prepared to fight,
And show the children in a new light!
The right is worth the fight
You must strike, you must strike,
You must strike!
It’s a very simple plan,
You’ll do what trolley workers can
With a battle cry like
You must strike, you must strike,
You must strike!

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