Newsies Got Swag

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October 23, 2012 by fansiesalliance

Hey fansies! I’m sure we all know this video VERY well:

Those of us here at Fansies Alliance have been trying to uncover all the words that our dear Bresident is spittin’…and we finally think we’ve got MOST of them! Take a peek and let us know what you think the words are!

It’s get it, got it, go get ‘em
In this city that we live in
And I know this ain’t no sit in,
So let’s wear them out like fitteds.
Specs on deck, ‘bout to turn on top
Like a top, never stop, Mush drop it like it’s hot.
We paper chasers, haters see ya later.
Newsies hit the street, droppin’ beats like a gangster.
I told ya, we ‘bout to bring them toys like soldiers.
Our army’s alarmin’, our clique couldn’t be colder
GMA, Nightline, Tonys. That’s right.
Now we’re flying higher than the empire skyline.
Claiming territory is mandatory for the story,
We’ve all been raised poorly, now we fighting for the glory.
See us come up, roughed-up-lookin’ underdogs.
Need to re-up, my stacks flip like pogs.
Orphans, forcin’ the world to hear our voices.
Doin’ it in style, paper rolls like Royces.
The world is my erster. ‘Scuse me, oyster.
I would never Bale like Christian, wishin’ he could be a part of this.
Hey, but I ain’t dissin’
I’m living to the limit cuz I cannot waste a minute.
Yo check it, we’re illy. I mean straight silly.
Every week on our feet, best believe we comp a milly.
What you say, Crutchie? (Yea you see this Mistah Pulitzah?!)
Real recognize real, pound for pound.
When I put on the crown I say, hey, look at me now.
I’m Racetrack Higgins, collectin’ all my winnin’s
And I drive the women crazy, spittin’ harder than Davey.
Save me, please, as I live in OG.
I won’t see 23 with the bread that they be feedin’.
I’m cheesin. The reason: don’t need ‘em, we beat ‘em.
And even when cheated Newsies won’t be defeated.
We’re schemin’ and we’ll rally like the boys that come from Bowery
Cuz we got to get it out to every Newsie lodging house.
And you know I’m from the south, when I open up my mouth,
And when you look up at the crown and you see the A-town
We’re giving the fansies a reason to get down.
Swagger don’t play like the boys in BK 
Coppin’ shade every day, but this ploy ain’t no game.
From Jersey to Broadway, Broadway to Tonys.
Now I’m ‘bout to take the whole world, so get to know me.
Never lonely, I’m in good company,
Just runnin’ the streets like the NYPD.
Living our dreams, coming to your TV.
Ike, bring your broom for the goons we need to sweep ‘em
And we’re leavin’ cuz we’re seizin’ every day like it’s our last
And the best part is: swag boy got swag.

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