Nederlander Nuggets of Truth

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October 15, 2012 by breesalmon

If there’s one thing I love more than Newsies, it’s ridiculous trivia.

For example, did you know that the subways that run on the lettered lines in NYC are 15 inches wider than the trains that run on the numbered lines?  And did you know that Canal Street used to actually be a canal, dug to drain infected water out of New York City during an epidemic?
It only follows logically that the thing I love most in this whole world is ridiculous trivia about Newsies!

So here we go:

Did you know that Thayne Jasperson, besides being incredibly talented, is also fluent in Spanish?

Did you know that there is a red spotting light hanging on the front of the mezzanine?  It’s used by the dancers as something to look at and spot with when they’re doing all those crazy turns.

Did you know that Mark Hummel, the Musical Director of the show, has his own dressing room on the ground floor?  He goes crazy decorating it for Halloween!  Spooky!

Did you know that there are 2 “sewers” on the stage that release smoke at some points during the show?  And it serves no functional purpose at all – it’s all for ambiance.

Did you know that the wings (areas to the side of the stage) at the Nederlander are MUCH smaller than the wings at Paper Mill Playhouse in New Jersey, where the show began?  In order to make room for everything (and everyone!) the tables and chairs from Jacobi’s Deli are hung from the ceiling when they’re not in use.

…and I mean in the middle of the show, they’re going up and down.  They have to wait until there’s a song playing on stage to hoist them because the machine that brings them up and down is so loud!

Did you know that the staircases used in the performance also had to be readjusted for use in the tiny wings?  They had to be taken apart and rebuilt and, when they used to be one large piece, the bottom portion now folds up on to the top portion to make it half its size.

Did you know, after a few months on Broadway sweating like crazy on stage, they installed a brand new air conditioner that blows cool air directly onto the stage from the wings?  It’s turned off for certain scenes such as in Medda’s theatre where there’s a lot of smoke but other than that it’s kept VERY cool on stage.

Did you know that “the old printing press in the cellar” is a REAL, functional printing press?  It was bought off of eBay from Georgia and shipped up north for the production.  It also is REAL heavy!  John Brady (Jacobi/Mayor/Weisel), as well as the stage crew, insist that it weighs at least a ton.  Next time you see the show, watch Mike Faist (Morris Delancey/Newsie) put all his weight into moving it.

Did you know that front row tickets use to be available for lottery at the Nederlander?  They stopped giving them out during the run of “Rent” because patrons were doing inappropriate things in the front row to distract the actors.

All these facts, besides being SUPER FUN, I saw first-hand and/or heard directly from cast members or Nederlander staff… here’s hoping they weren’t lying to me! haha (Spoiler alert: they wouldn’t.)

What fun facts have you picked up about “Newsies” or the Nederlander?  Please share! You know we’d LOVE to hear them!!


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