Newsies How-to: Race’s Cigar

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October 12, 2012 by fansiesalliance

This article was written by Fansie Nicole Miller (@tobiciel). You can see her original post here.

This is only my second time making a prop cigar and this is how I figured out how to do it since the tutorials I found seemed too difficult and didn’t have pictures either! D:

First off, you guys need to know what you need to make this nifty little prop:

A toilet paper roll, white printer paper, scissors, lighter, masking tape, polyfil, brown paint, paint brush, baby powder and a brush for the baby powder.

Cut the toilet paper roll length-wise down the middle yo

Roll it up as tight as it can

Wrap it up with the masking tape, taping only ONE end off since that’s the part that’ll go in your mouth

Stuff that thing like 2/3rds full of the polyfill

Now fill up the rest of it with cut up paper and leave some sticking out

burn the paper and the top edges with the lighter. BE CAREFUL

first layer of paint

second layer of paint

lightly dust it with baby powder after the paint dries so it doesn’t smell like paint. Also burn the edges again since you painted over them.


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