A few words with: Mark Aldrich By Bree Samson

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October 4, 2012 by fansiesalliance

Mark Aldrich is the incredibly talented actor behind the character “Seitz” in Disney’s “NEWSIES The Musical.” A helping hand to Pulitzer, who doesn’t seem too pleased with the idea of a salary trim, Seitz is even-headed and fair-minded. He isn’t afraid to tell Pulitzer how it is, no matter how much the boss has been ranting and raving. It was a good staffing choice to keep someone like that in Joe’s office, indeed.

Mark has been seen in multiple Off-Broadway and Regional productions, as well as on the tele. He made his Broadway debut as Willie Conklin in the 2009 revival of “Ragtime.” From there he went to originate the role of Seitz when Disney’s “NEWSIES The Musical” had its first run at Paper Mill Playhouse in New Jersey.

But beside being a pleasure to watch perform, Mark Aldrich is also, well, a really amazing guy! He is SO receptive and appreciative of the fans. When I was asked to post to a blog by Fansies, for Fansies I knew he was the guy I needed to put in the spotlight. When I need cast information, when I have show questions, when I have something funny to say and I need a self-esteem boost from a Tweet being “favorited” by a Broadway star, Mark is always there! He is constantly giving of himself to this show and its fans. His passion is obvious and his friendliness and desire to help are real. I couldn’t create a better person for the Fansies to learn more about if I tried.

I (BS) recently got the great opportunity to ask Mark (MA) a few questions (Mark rarely says no to Fansies. He’s great. Have I said that yet?) and here’s what I learned:

via A few words with: Mark Aldrich.


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